Dear Editor,

Jack Bergman (I refuse to call him General, he’s retired and should take a lesson from Jim Mattis, an honorable Marine), announced his intention for reelection.

During his presidential campaign, President Trump said time and again he will leave Social Security alone. He wouldn’t increase the retirement age or reduce benefits. When Jack announced his bid for reelection, he sent out a flyer I’m sure every voter in his district received. The flyer contains the comment “Congressman Bergman will not support proposals that would reduce benefits for those at, or near, retirement age.” Yet the president recently slashed Social Security Disability benefits and his proposed budget reduces Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs primarily benefiting older Americans spending by $26 billion.

Prior to the U.S. House of Representatives vote to further the impeachment investigation of the President, Jack made statements unconditionally defending him. Prior to the vote, I called Jack’s office to express my opinion the investigation should continue and the president should instruct his staff to honor legally issued subpoenas. The staffer said he’d pass the information along to “The General.”

Jack and every Republican Representative, voted not to approve the impeachment procedures. When the investigation ended and the Articles of Impeachment were brought before the U.S. House of Representatives for a vote, Jack and every Republican voted against them. Since the vote, not one Republican representative voiced concern or disapproval of the President’s conduct and complained about the partisan results of the vote. On Dec. 20, 2019, Jack issued a letter formalizing his belief the vote was invalid as there was no bipartisan support, except for two Democrats voting no. It’s hard to do anything in a bipartisan manner when one party refuses to look at facts and vote in line with their Oath of Office. After the House vote, the Articles were sent to the U.S. Senate where Senator Mitch McConnell openly stated how he planned to orchestrate the result. Well the Senate vote to exclude witnesses or evidence was held in a partisan manner except for two Republican yes votes.

So is it invalid Jack? Since the vote, several Republican Senators publicly stated the President’s solicitation of a foreign power to interfere in the upcoming Presidential election was improper but not impeachable. And yet, not one House Republican has so stated. Why? Why is it so hard to admit something so obvious? It’s clear to me Jack’s loyalty is to the President and the Republican Party, not the United States of America. I hope the voters send him a clear message. Country over party.


Gary Peterson