“I’ve been watching the My Marinette Menominee program for some time now, and was interested in the Oct. 31’s writer’s opinion on the whole situation.

“Branding a city or cities is not dependent on ‘swag’ or logos, but in putting down roots of community. The important thing here is not the image, it’s the foundation. It’s not necessarily expensive to build. What the committee needs to do is a SWOT (strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, threats) analysis and a vision and then create the kind of community they visualize. Then we can consider swag and logos.

“But before we even do that, let us rid these towns of racism, hatred and misogyny. Let’s see more people and organizations partnering with local schools, more collaboration between industry and higher education, empty lots filled with pollinator gardens or community vegetable gardens, and so forth. The ideas are likely to be endless, and not costly.”