100 YEARS AGO: Circuit court opened this morning (Oct. 14) with a crowded court room. The trial of Frank Schumacher of Menominee was well under way and because of the keen interest in both cities the court room has been crowded. Although it was anticipated that a great deal of trouble would be encountered when selecting a jury, attorneys on both sides agreed in short order. Most every juror is a resident of the county, most local citizens being disqualified because of having heard and read so much about the case in local papers but maintained that they knew nothing of the facts and had no feelings in the matter. Eleven men are sitting to answer whether or not Frank Schumacher is guilty of assault with intent to do great bodily harm on Officer Frank Bruce on the evening of June 28 when the free-for-all fight took place on Hall Avenue near Stephenson Street.

50 YEARS AGO: By a unanimous vote Monday night (Oct. 13), the Marinette Board of Education charted the direction of its long-range building program. Endorsed was a plan which when all of its various phases are completed, would include: 1. Construction of a new 1,200 pupil high school, housing grades nine through 12, on a new site. 2. Demolition of the 1915 portion of the present high school complex, the original senior high school building, renovation of the remaining buildings at the site, construction of additions to present facilities and conversion of the present high school to a middle school which would accommodate 900 pupils. 3. Construction of a new elementary school in the eastern section of the city, it would be designed to accommodate 200 pupils and replace the present Menekaunee school. The estimated total cost of the project would be in the neighborhood of $6.7 million. 

25 YEARS AGO: The octagon-shaped barn standing right off of County Trunk G wasn’t around at the turn of the century and it won’t survive long enough to see the next milestone in just six years either. The congregation of Porterfield Lutheran Church will being tearing down the familiar 90-year old structure later this month. The church, located in the town of Porterfield, purchased the adjoining 39 acres, which includes the old Norwegian barn, two years ago. They had to burn down the farmhouse on the property last year. They had hoped to find someone willing to save the barn before it continued to fall apart, but has been unable to. With all other avenues exhausted, the church decided that it’s finally time to take down the barn as well. They will save whatever they can of the unique barn and burnt he rest of the lumber this winter. 

FIVE YEARS AGO: The Marinette County Treatment Drug Program is off to a successful start with a boost from lots of community support, the Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee was told Friday. An example of support from the community is an agreement reached with Bay Area Medical Center (BAMC) to do drug testing of participants at cost, according to Health and Human Services Director Robin Elsner, a member of the committee. “I just wanted to inform the committee that we had a meeting this past week on our drug testing and we decided not to go with the Siemens system at this time,” he said. “Bay Area Medical Center has come forward and is going to give us the drug tests at cost. Until we increase the volume for the program we’re going to work with Bay Area to do the service with us. It’s a nice partnership.”