MARINETTE — River Cities Community Pool (RCCP) Association received $1,200 from the Health Fund held at the M&M Area Community Foundation. These funds will support its goal to purchase new and improved aqua fitness equipment for all of their aquatic classes.

RCCP has a mission to provide fitness alternatives for all ages and all levels, the goal was to be able to purchase new and improved equipment to help all classes from Joints in Motion to Shallow Insanity, and all the way to the Deep Challenge. RCCP currently holds over 15 different aqua fitness classes per week, many that have more than 20 participants, which can take a toll on the expensive fitness equipment. The association also had a goal of incorporating items with different push-pull maneuvers to give members and clients even more of a challenge in the water. This new fitness equipment can benefit members, including those who choose to not partake in classes and instead workout on their own.

“Water fitness can build strength, cardio and resistance while being on easy on your joints, but still can be almost four times greater resistance than air. Despite what some may think, water fitness is not limited to any age group or skill level and it is quickly becoming a popular alternative to jarring land classes,” said Kasey Eisch-Ermis, aquatics director. “We want to thank Paula Gruszynski and the M&M Area Community Foundation for this generous grant that enabled us to purchase new and improved fitness equipment and we invite everyone to come and try a class at RCCP.”

People who are interested in trying one of the many aqua fitness classes, may check the Facebook page River Cities Community Pool or visit the website for a full class schedule at