Dear Editor,

Four days of fun, mixed with great weather and a little rain, fantastic fireworks and a nice Sunday parade had the people bragging about this year’s event. Over 100 volunteers, along with many donations from local businesses and industries, all under the direction and watchful eye of the Waterfront Festival Director, Nancy Douglas and her committee, worked together for months getting everything in place and ready. Most people who are not directly involved, have no idea of the amount of planning and preparation required for a smooth-running festival.

In addition to the fireworks and parades, there was live music every day and night on the festival grounds. The amazing part is that there is no charge for any of this. You can listen to the music, watch the parade, and watch the fireworks without spending a dime. There is no admission charge and it’s all free.

There are food booths on the grounds that feature a great variety of food, sponsored by the various non-profit groups in the area.

The festival rents the tents at cost to the groups, and the groups keep everything else they take in. It is a major fundraiser for most of them.

The beer booth and wrist band sales is the festival’s fundraiser to help pay for the bands and the fireworks. The wrist bands are pretty much required by the State Liquor Control Commission, as they frown on selling beer and wine to underage people, some of which look like they are in their thirties. The festival committee conducts classes to assure compliance for those selling in the beer and ticket booths.

All in all, it is a great event for the community on both sides of the river, and a great thank you goes to Nancy Douglas, her committee, the city employees, the many, many volunteers, and the donors, for without them, there could not be a Waterfront Festival. Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s festival the success that it was.


Bill Plemel