Dear Editor,

Lights, camera, action: At least there was plenty of action at the KK building on First Street for the Lighthouse Challenge auction reception on Saturday, July 27. The reception-room-turned-into-galley was filled with heightened anticipation as the lighthouse builders, artists and buyers congregated to congratulate one another. It was an occasion for the builders to meet the artist that painted their woodworking skills and for the artists to meet the builders. The lucky owners with the highest bids had the opportunity to meet those persons as well.

MAAC is very happy to note all 23 lighthouses were purchased. It is bittersweet that our communities enjoyed the lighthouses immensely and now the streets are once again bare as they are gone to their final homes.

The following artists participated in the Lighthouse Challenge located inside the KK building which included photography, string art, oil painting, wood art, watercolor, stained glass, art glass and quilts.

Colleen Ansbaugh, Linda Berry, Scott Best, Jim Birch, Annette Bolton, Gloria Breuer, Kayla Carlson, Natalie Chernetski, Susan Crosby, Diane Ewaldt, Rachel Greenwood, Kathleen Harpt, Skip Heckel, Ted Hoff, Barbara Kane, Jackie Kolaszewski, Joanne Krause, Tom Lach, Laurie Ceesay Landree, Ellis Langhar, Caroline Logan, Mary Marquis, Becky McGuire, Laurie Painter, Stacy Pawlowski, Judah Peanosky, Stephen Peanosky, Jo Piantine, Ernest Pleger, Jinny Ruleau, Lois Shane, Lynne Sheldon, Judi Stevenson, Marlene Williams, Katie Wilsey and Bill Wager.

Artists receiving special recognition for the People’s Choice award include: Caroline Logan first place and GFWC for second place. First place highest bid for the large outdoor lighthouses were Germaine Vincent, first place and Ralph Venneman, second place.

Last but certainly not least, this project could not have been accomplished without the generosity of the donors to allow this project to get started.

This fundraiser set a record for the MAAC group and they would like to thank everyone who was part of the Lighthouse Challenge.


Jeanne Anderson