Dear Editor,

Once again we say “thank you” to the many, many people who came together to make the 9th AnnuaI Logging & Heritage Festival so successful. The flourishing of dedicated people, once again, came together to showcase Marinette.

We set out to make this a fun, free, family event for our citizens, and we succeeded. Our festival is nonprofit and every penny is spent to make this happen. We work on strictly donations and corporate sponsorships each year.

Foremost, we have to applaud the efforts of the tireless volunteer committee, who put in hours and hours of planning, and endless time, to help with the production of the festival. These people are amazing, and the perilous hours they spend in preparing and helping to organize everything is beyond compare. This effort began right after the 2018 festival.

The City of Marinette was once again aglow the preceding and entire weekend of the festival. The TV broadcasts, the banners, the Public Works employees working on the island to beautify and keep up with the grounds, the law enforcement who provided necessary security, the Rescue Squad and Bellin Health for attending to the emergencies, the generous donations from Jack’s Fresh Market for baking the cookies and bars to feed the two high school band participants, the excitement of the fireworks, the anticipated parade, and the many calls and questions requesting information about the event were all very rewarding.

Thanks are due to all of you who helped to make a difference in showcasing Marinette. Festivals and events of this magnitude do not just happen. It takes a multitude of hours, thousands of dollars and indescribable amounts of work, sweat and tears. Your commitment, whether it was a generous monetary sponsor, food /craft vendor, Welcome Center staff, musician, high school band member, children’s entertainer, lumberjacks, a non-profit organization, charity rider, librarian, parade or car show participant, beard growing participant, etc., made this weekend another fantastic event. All of this could only happen with your belief in providing a unique experience for our community. Thank you to the City of Marinette and City Council for your support, as well. Believe that the economic impact, on our community, exceeded the projected amount that we were hopeful for.

We wish to thank all the wonderful sponsors from the Marinette/Menominee area because without you the festival would never happen.

We would like to congratulate the parade winners who were: Most Heritage — Beaver Saloon; Most entertaining— M&M Gliders; Musical — Pulaski High School Band; Original & Creative in Design — Green Acres Campground; and Uniqueness in Slogan and and verbiage — Coalition to Save the Menominee River.

Thank you for everything.


Lana Bero and Kent Kostelecky

Festival chairmen