Dear Editor,

Having everything at our disposal may not have been the promise our ancestors had in mind. But we do. We have all the things that we need and access to any merchandise we may want. Our responsibility that comes from having so much is for us to choose wisely to preserve this kind of freedom.

There are some items that I cannot get locally. For example, parts for an electric razor that I received as a gift. My mother-in-law lives in a remote rural area. She cannot just hop in the car and travel 90 miles to buy curtains or a toy for the grandkids. This is where Amazon meets a need. But careful of this choice. Amazon’s goal is to dominate, they always need more. If we buy into their massive artificial intelligence-driven messages and needlessly transfer our spending to them on impulse, unnecessarily, they get more, you get less, and your freedom of choice will go away (i.e., Shopko, Younkers). Each alternative that we lose is cancer on our liberty and prosperity. To keep your independence, choose wisely.

Choosing to buy from local independent merchants is your wisest choice, your dollar is worth more than double any other option. Not only do you get what you pay for, but your money also recirculates within our community seven times. Each time is providing jobs that support our family, friends, and neighbors. For example, it helps my neighbor pay for Little League, swim lessons or dance class for their children. It provides for the volunteers, the non-profit organizations, small businesses, that support little league, swim lessons or dance classes. It perpetuates the cycle of local enterprises that contribute to all of this. This example can be said about every program in our community. Buying from locally-owned companies recycles your dollar seven times. The next best option; buying from local chain stores recirculates three times in the region. Buying from Amazon does not power your family, friends, neighbors and community.

If you opt to buy first from locally-owned businesses. And, second from other local options, and hold Amazon as a last resort, there is no need to feel guilty about how you shop. You will have continued guiltless buyer independence. Today you have the privilege of choosing. Will you prioritize your choices to protect this freedom? Buy local first.


Keith Killen