“Linda Gould’s letter on reparations was spot on. The letter in response was questionable.

“First, the response stated, ‘Freedom of speech should not mean freedom to express misleading information and bigotry as well.’

“First Amendment free speech does indeed protect our right to make statements others may deem to be misleading, or even ‘bigoted.’ The tendency on the left these days is to try to silence the debate by name-calling. Get past the name-calling and address the issues.

“Gould’s letter does not blame African countries for starting slavery everywhere, but is discussing slavery in the United States: ‘If anyone should be blamed for (slavery) here...’

“Carol Swain, professor of political science at Vanderbilt University (who is black), teaches that the Democratic Party defended slavery, started the Civil War, founded the KKK and fought against every major civil rights act in U.S. History, while the Republican Party was founded in 1854 as an anti-slavery party. See for yourself: https://www. prageru.com/video/the-inconvenient-truth-a bout-the-democratic-party/

“For a black man’s perspective on this, read the insights of Burgess Owens, a black who grew up in the segregated South and played in Super Bowl XV for the Oakland Raiders, in his best selling book ‘Liberalism, or How to turn Good Men into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps.’

“These black professionals are not bigots. Linda Gould is not a bigot. Let us all get past the name-calling, and honestly evaluate the facts — even those which might stretch us out of our comfort zone.”