We believe the Marinette City Council made the right move in late June when it acted to place a three-foot wall along the parking area at Red Arrow Park to contain water caused from heavy wave action from spilling into the parking area. Some aldermen expressed concerns that the money invested in the movable wall could be washed out to sea during one of this year’s unprecedented storms.

Frustration circled the Department of Public Works director Patrick Carlson and his staff after waging a losing battle with Mother Nature’s temperamental behavior of snappy winds and rainy downpours, which washed away the beach area and blanketed the parking area. The movable barrier now permits children and adults to enjoy the swimming area without looking at mounds of sand that was placed in efforts to contain the blows coming off the shore of Green Bay.

Carlson asked the council to support his request for $3,600 to finance the wall, which extends about 106-feet in one location and 80-feet in another. The wall has a 24-foot space and 18-feet of space to allow water to escape the parking lot into the bay. The wall sections measure about six feet in length and have decorative cobblestones on each side. The wall won’t thwart the water from splashing in, but it will help contain sand and other debris from stacking up.

Some aldermen understandably questioned such an engineering scheme would be able to control the problem that most beaches on the Green Bay shorelines are experiencing this year. Their comments were well taken, considering Mother Nature’s persistent clout.

Carlson assured the council that the walls would not be permanent structures and could be utilized in other areas if unsuccessful at the city’s historic park. The council supported Carlson’s recommendation 7-1.

Red Arrow Park has had a long history of bouts with the weather. The park and bathing beach have been a favorite spot for city residents and visitors for generations. Previous city councils and civic leaders have discussed the problem. Major improvements at the park have been in the discussion stages for decades. Although some renovations have been made the sand and water problems continued.

The city has done a magnificent job in restoring the former “commercial fishing village” with a state-of-the-art park for sports fishermen and for people who enjoy sitting by the water and watching the flow of fishing boats. Now it’s time to focus on a major overhaul of Red Arrow Park. With the support of grant money, local funds, strong leadership and a battery of volunteers, the job can be accomplished. The Menekaunee Park project has proven it can be done.