“Science has not yet conclusively proven that marijuana harms the developing brains of adolescents anymore than alcohol, tobacco and other drugs do. Many more unbiased studies are needed to make such a determination. Any drug a person uses habitually is going to influence the brain. Even sugar and highly processed junk foods affect the brain and the learning process.

“See, for example, The ‘Effects of Sugar on a Child’s Academic Performance’ and ‘The Negative Impact of Sugar on the Brain.’ However, scientists have found marijuana to be far less harmful overall than alcohol and other dangerous drugs. See, for example, ‘We took a scientific look at whether weed or alcohol is worse for you — and there appears to be a winner’ and ‘Alcohol more damaging to brain health than marijuana’.

“Many of the studies being trumpeted by the corporate-controlled news media are studies conducted by Big Pharma controlled psychiatry departments at large universities. These scare studies can’t be trusted. The article ‘Who’s Really Fighting Legal Weed’ appearing in US News and World Report explains how ‘Pharmaceutical companies compensate leading anti-marijuana researchers to keep their customers on painkillers over cannabis, which is cheaper.’ Big Pharma is well known for its corrupting influence on scientific research in articles such as ‘This Is The Sickening Amount Pharmaceutical Companies Pay Top Journal Editors’; ‘The Pharmaceutical Industry, Institutional Corruption, and Public Health’; and ‘Big Pharma Is America’s New Mafia.’

“To think they’re not doing it to block competition from marijuana is foolish thinking.”