“There is no keeping up to the insanity of the Democrats. Good old Bernie and company want to equal the economic playing field for everyone with his democratic-socialist agenda. I’m with ya’ Bern. How about congress taking a cut in pay from their $200,000 a year for life pay and buying their own insurance for starters. I’m sure he would be willing to give one of his houses to charity and Nancy Pelosi would gladly give up some of her 90 million dollars to the needy.

“The plan now is to pay reparation to descendants of slaves. I’m all for that too, as long as the guilty party does the paying and that would be the Democratic party, since Democrats were the slave owners and the ones who kept blacks out of white schools until Republicans passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964 despite 48 hours of filibustering by Democrats to block it.

“One of the newest members of the House of Representatives, and most vocal, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: college graduate, bartender, new house member, has got a handle on the whole situation. First we get rid of white cauliflower because it’s racist. Then we eliminate cows, cars and phones and anything that uses fossil fuels with only trains for transportation that will run on a mystery fuel yet to be determined.

“Democrats are cool; they’re hip, flawless and love to spend other people’s money to save the world.”