“Well, I have to be the third to agree with the person who wrote about the repairs to Memorial Drive. I often go to Riverside Cemetery to visit my loved ones and have to get there on the road called Memorial Drive. I agree with this person that with all the repairs done in Menominee that this has been in sad repair for all these years. Not only is it hard on our cars, but I recently had a procedure done on my back and you can imagine the pain I have to go over those bumps and holes. Come on city of Menominee, that road is the only accessible road to the cemetery and would not take that much to get fixed, step up to the plate. It has been that way for years. Get it fixed.

“As for that sad railroad crossing in Marinette, all that has been done to fix it has been to put up a sign stating, bumpy crossing. Now I do not know if it is the city or if is the Canadian Northern Railroad as Mr. Nyman has referred to, but somebody, please, take responsibility. I can see a tire getting stuck or blown, damage to a car, someone on a bicycle flying off, so many possible tragedies and all that the railroad or city does is put up a sign stating bumpy crossing. They know it is danger, but do nothing? But whose responsibility is it, the city or the railroad?”