“The city council is going to keep kicking the can down the road until it is too late to opt-out of marijuana. It appears that the council wants this poison to be legal in the city. Instead of thinking of the children they are looking to make a buck or two. There is enough drug problems in the schools now without promoting more. The same gang that made fun of the people who were concerned about the water being poisoned from the mine cyanide from the proposed mine can have their second council meeting at the Ogden Club and joke about a classroom of kids high on pot.

“If you really care about the kids you will opt out. You can bet that the drug pushers will try to get as many of them hook on it as they can. If you people are not smart enough to draft an ordinance I am sure Marinette City Council and the Marinette County would be happy to help you. You parents should be raising (heck) at city hall.”