Dear Editor,

Is your vision for the future for our community viewed through the lens of “what I see now will be forever?” I am stuck with what I have, “nothing will change.”

The reality is that everything changes, always. However, the system works gradually, at such a pace that we can be lulled to believe that what we see and feel today is the future.

A few years ago, I was a chaperone on a bus trip. The trip included overnight travel. At about 2:30 a.m., we were traveling on the interstate southbound. Seated in the front row It was evident to me, that the bus driver was sleepy, I could see him nodding off, swerving, head bobbing. From our different perspectives, the bus driver was lulled into believing that nothing would change, you know the rational, “I have felt this way for a while, I am still on the road, it’s okay.” But anyone in my seat could see the future. Without doing something, the outcome would involve traveling off the road at a high rate of speed. Calling the driver on his misguided belief and talking him through pulling over was the kindest thing I could do for the driver and a bus load of youth.

Concerning our regional community; if you put yourself in the passenger seat you can see, we are dozing and lulled into believing that what we have is the future, because that is all we see, and from our narrow perspective it looks as if we are stuck in a system that will never change.

Hey, let’s wake up, refresh, and get on the road of a promising future. Remember our youth are counting on us to pay forward the promise of a brighter future others have provided for us. What do you need to see the road that will get us there?

I know I run the risk of seeming radical, but calling you awake is the kindest thing I can do. Eyes glazed over on the road directly in front of you, your subconscious believes nothing will change. But look down the road, and you can see what changes, all the time, and you are in the driver’s seat.

We have all we need to create a brighter future and build a new model for prosperity.

What can you do to drive us to success? Without anyone else’s permission and at little or no extra cost, you can start by choosing to buy local first.


Keith Killen