“President Trump has just imposed a 25% tariff on many goods and materials from China. Whether from intention or ignorance, he tells the public that ‘China is paying for this.’ This is completely opposite the facts.

“These tariffs instituted by the USA are imposed on the United States corporations and consumers, not China. In a sense, this is a tax on goods which we purchase, that are manufactured in China. The $400 appliance now costs you $500, and the extra $100 goes to our Federal government.

“As we know, nearly all of the goods we purchase are made in China, and the USA no longer has the factories or capacity to produce these goods. If the intention is to spur US companies to start building factories, investing in capital equipment and start producing goods which will have to be priced higher, this is not going to happen.

“Already the farm market for soybeans is in terrible shape, due to the retaliatory tariffs countered by China in response to the Trump tariffs.

“Our president is not known for truthfulness. Do not be deceived by his comments that ‘China is paying for this.’ We are.”