“Some of us use the word kudos but don’t really understand what it really means; praise and honor received for an achievement, compliments or congratulations. Well this past Thursday, while the snow and wind were raging outside, I, a patient in the new BAMC hospital was watching the early beginnings of the Masters Golf Tournament, when the television lost its signal. ‘Oh,’ I thought, ‘the storm must be filling up the receiver dish with ice and snow so the signal could no longer be received.’

“Well after an hour of no TV, a hospital can get to be a pretty boring place, so I took the liberty of calling upper management and asked if they might contact the maintenance folks to maybe attempt to restore the TV. The wind was blowing and of course the snow was right along with it, but the maintenance man made his way up to the roof of the hospital, and chipped away at the ice and accumulated snow, so the entire hospital could resume watching TV again.

“Now I say, kudos to the staff and maintenance man who braved his way in the storm, so we, the hospital patients, could once again watch TV. Kudos, kudos, kudos.”