MARINETTE — Mass violence has recently been in the forefront of many cultural conversations. However, not everyone knows how to bring the conversation to their home. Advice on how to discuss the subject of mass violence and how to respond to such situations is being provided through an event hosted by Bellin for Women.

“How to Address Mass Violence” will provide participants with advice from experts on how to handle such a topic to children. “It will provide age appropriate answers to questions like ‘Why did they do that?’ and ‘Will it happen here?’” a press release states.

One speaker, Mitch Connell, a Bellin mental health therapist, will discuss how to convey this information to children of all ages in an age-appropriate manner.

“It’s important to know how to approach your kids and to check in with them after an incident of mass violence,” Connell explained. 

“A lot of kids, older kids in particular, will be getting a lot of information from their friends, social media and other adults in their lives,” he said. “However, they won’t be getting all the information and will fill in the blanks with their imagination. It’s important to know how to talk to them so they are informed in an age-appropriate manner.”

Connell said ensuring children that they are safe and protected and that incidents of mass violence are unlikely to occur is important.

Jedd Bradley, a police officer of Mighty Oak Shooter Solutions, will also be speaking at the event. He has experience training law enforcement officers how to respond to incidents of mass violence.

“I realized how important educating the public on mass violence is and how to react to them while I was training law enforcement officers,” he said. “Police officers are the only people getting the training, and most people don’t know what to do in such an event.”

“If someone wants to come into a store or a restaurant or even Mickey-Lu’s and cause harm, they will,” Bradley said. “How we react to the situation is what dictates how many victims there are.”

“We don’t talk about what to do when such an event occurs,” he added. “We must train society on what to do.”

The event is not being held to scare people, but to educate them, Bradley said.

The event will take place at Marinette High School, Feb. 20 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Interested participants are encouraged to preregister online at or by calling either 920-445-7373 or 888-758-7373.