¦ Name: Molly Anderson

¦ Position: Staff Development Coordinator

¦ Business: Bay Area Medical Center (BAMC)

¦ Achievement: Anderson has a variety of different tasks to complete at any given time which may include scheduling the American Heart Association classes at BAMC and orientation for BAMC’s incoming new hires including EPIC training, skills days and other various trainings; compiling orientation booklets; organizing New Employee Orientation, Day 2; and tracking students clinical experience. She is also the training center coordinator and is working on implementing the new voice activated mannequins. As well as managing Netlearning and providing modules to other employees, she ensures that BAMC has all of the correct paperwork and students’ EPIC access. 

¦ Background: A 2008 graduate of Pulaski High School, Anderson received an Associate’s Degree as an Administrative Professional from NWTC in 2011 and a Nursing Assistant Diploma in 2017. She maintains Netlearning Administrator and BLS certifications and has received a Service Care Star for Standard 7, Make Excellence the Goal in Everything We Do. She also works in the Emergency Department as a Patient Care Tech and is currently pursuing her RN Associate’s Degree. 

Seven other employees were named Service Care Stars for excelling in BAMC Service Care standards.