Name: Brianna Camps

Position: HIM Manager

Business: Bay Area Medical Center, Marinette

Achievement: BAMC Employee of the Month for May

Duties: As the manager of HIM, Camps oversees the daily operations of the HIM Department and provides guidance and support to HIM staff in resolving complaints and conflicts. In addition, she monitors productivity, quality and workload volumes, as well as prepare staffing schedules. Brianna collaborates with outside departments to create efficiencies in shared processes and to ensure that the security and integrity of the medical record are maintained in all interactions. She also facilitates NWTC student site visits at BAMC to promote the HIT program.

Background: Graduated from Marinette Catholic Central High School in 2003. She earned her Associate’s Degree in Health Information Technology in 2014 and passed the credentialing exam to become a Registered Health information Technician shortly thereafter.