June 26

Waupaca Foundry Rockies vs Integra First Cubs

Integra First Cubs’ Calvin Jones did an awesome job at getting some outs at first. Integra First’s Kennedy Harris did a great job at running the bases and Carter Boucher did a great job as well as pitcher getting the ball out to first.

July 10

Menominee Kiwanis Diamondbacks vs Integra First Cubs

Integra First Cubs’ Logan Delorme did an awesome job of retrieving the ball as catcher. Continuing the trend, Integra First’s’ Amira Vanpool had a great hit to all the way to the outfield. Keeping the game going strong, Integra First’s’ Brody Van Eyck had great enthusiasm and effort out on the field.

July 17

Waupaca Foundry Rockies vs. Integra First Cubs

Starting off strong Waupaca Foundry Rockies’ Otto Theurerkauf had a nice hit to second. Waupaca Foundry Rockies’ Hayden Brill got an out at home plate and Bryson Benson had a nice hit to shortstop. Integra First Cubs’ Chase Wiggs had an awesome hit to second base. Integra First’s Ari Tuma did a great throwing the ball from pitcher to first base while Kaylynn Kudwa had an awesome hit past the Waupaca Foundry Rockies’ pitcher.