June 26 results:


Dolphins vs Gators: Cody Vieth and David O’Claire scored goals with an assist from Henry Karkkainen. Good sportsmanship: Adalyn Watts, Jaida Schroeder, Marley Mackay and Oliver Berg.

Hornets vs Cardinals: Aubrey Berman, Brantley Wesoloski and Kinley Staudenmaier scored goals with an assist from Macready Frehse. Nice hustle: Easton Karlin, Kinsley Bowerman and Macready Frehse. Big kicks: Evan Christopherson and Tyler Franzen.


Subway vs NKS Tire Service: Aaliyah Amenson, Jocelyn Short, Lillian Miller, Nevada Schreiner and Reese Linsmeier scored goals with assists from Bella Espinosa and Piper Chapman. Nice hustle: Ella Therriault and Nora MacDonald. Non-goalie save: Adrian Ascher, Macy Marotz, Madison Conklin, and Myah Moore.

Thielen’s vs Jack’s Fresh Market: Samantha Ruiz and Bailey Birk scored goals with assists from Aubree Johnson, Cora Delfosse and Kadence McDonald. Good sportsmanship: Aubree Johnson and Delainey Savola. Nice hustle: Rylee Monnette and Skyler Powell. Non-goalie save: Melanie Berndt, Ella Chouinard and Macy Bodam.

Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust vs Main Street Electric Tattoo Co LLC: Aleiah Maxwell, Alisa Finger, Cora Parchim, Macy Brezsko and Taylyn Tobias scored goals with assists from Maxwell, Finger, Parchim, Sophie Sipple and Tobias. Nice hustle: Anna Regner, Ella Ray and Madelyn Mosey.


Friendly Web Design vs Dairy Advantage LLC: Mariah Heil had a goal and assisted on Sierra Martin’s goal. The goalies were Heil, Alexis Lorenz, Zeairra Blohm and Marley Zieler with a total of eight saves. Great throw-ins: Heil.


Marinette Kiwanis Club 7, Great Lakes Sports 0

Caleb Duvall led the Marinette Kiwanis offense with three goals. Mason Hofherr added two goals. Lyndzee Farr and Angelina Chapman each scored one goal apiece. Karsyn DeGayner and Keirsten Kabacinski each added an assis. Michael Hofherr led the goalies with seven saves. Donovan Cortes and Zoey Zimmerman both contributed three saves. Coach’s comment: Way to stay focused and alert Keirsten Kabacinski, Zoey Zimmerman, and Alison Birk. Angelina Chapman was determined to get a goal and that’s exactly what she did.

Franklin Wall led the Great Lakes Sports goalies with four saves while Ian Johnson brought in three saves. Both showed great effort. Adria Ruleau contributed two saves and demonstrated great footwork. Great defense Scarlett Ascher and Jesse Gereau.


The Dome Lanes 3, the Style Garage I ?

Muaz Salem led the Dome offense with two scores. Kayden Klatt scored the third goal. The goalies were Ethan Schoen and Austin Rost with only one reported save.

the Style Garage I did not report team stats.

Samuel Pressure Vessel 4, Hansen-Onion-Martell 3

Omer Farghali led the Samuel Pressure Group offense with three goals. Ayden Blystone also added a point. Braeden Rickaby brought in six saves. Tristan Gaillard had three saves in the net.

Ashton Krouth scored one Hansen-Onion-Martell goal and assisted another. Ethan Braley scored one goal and added a save. Kyle Golueke scored a goal and Brady Golueke added an assist. Tyler Godfrey led the goalies with four saves. Connor Freeman also played one quarter in goal.

Bouty Trucking 1, NEW UP Dental ?

Raquel Botbyl scored the only goal for Bouty Trucking. Nicholas Kriedeman brought in five saves as goalie.

NEW UP Dental did not report team stats.

June 27 results:


Falcons vs Yellow Jackets: Aerabella Hernandez scored goals with assists from Loren Koesling and Olivia McGough. Big kicks: McGough. Non-goalie save: Emory Bryant and Koesling. Nice hustle: Bryant.

Bullfrogs vs Raptors: Brooklyn Stone, Logan Polzin and Tatum Keller scored goals. Big kicks: Ezekiel Ehlers, Silvia Noppenberg and Tatum Keller. Good sportsmanship: Cole Brezsko and Kaedyn Durow. Nice hustle: Brooklyn Stone, Charlotte Fisher and Logan Polzin.

Bears vs Sharks: Mckenzie Beechner scored goals with assists from Grant VanCleve and Landen Swiatnicki. Big kicks: Mckenzie Beechner. Nice hustle: Ayden Frye-Feuz. Good sportsmanship: Zadie Habeck. Great hustle and defense, Bears.


Papa Murphy’s Take N’ Bake Pizza vs Waupaca Foundry: Gage Caproon scored a goal with an assist from Daniel Zuehls. Zuehls had great kicks; he kept the ball moving offensively and defensively.

Marinette Lions Club vs Downtown Sandwich & Ice Cream Shoppe: Urijah Linsmeier scored a goal. Nice hustle, Marinette Lions Club.

Prestige Auto Body 2 vs Anderson Kell Funeral Home: Brayden Lepinski and Jacob Counts scored goals with an assist from Charles Williams. Big kicks: Kaden Monfils and Lincon Bjorkman.


Marinette Elks Lodge vs Memories Studios: Mohamed Farghali and Nolan Ruleau scored goals. The goalies were Mohamed Farghali, Jackson Conn, Nolan Ruleau and Chayce Wesoloski with a total of eight saves.

Shooby’s Trophies & Apparel vs Chenier’s Marinette Garden Center: Brady Polzin, Grant Klimek and Lucas Klatt scored goals with an assist from Cayden Prevost. The goalies were Oliver Jones, Klatt, Klimek and Prevost. Good sportsmanship, Shooby’s Trophies & Apparel. Non-goalie save: Bentlei Davis, Polzin, Carter Drong and Klimek. Nice hustle: Anthony Anderson, Davis, Brayden Daigneau, Drong, Mavryk Nelse and Jones.


Coggins & Wolfe 10, Great Lakes Sports 2

Cameron Williams led the Coggins & Wolfe offense with three goals. Calvin Peters and Caiden Radtke each scored two goals. Kennedy Polomis, Jada Jones and Chloe Sabowski added one goal apiece. Radtke had the only reported save.

Adria Ruleau scored both Great Lakes Sports goals and made six saves. Ian Johnson added an assist and three saves in goal. Scarlett Ascher and Franklin Wall combined for three saves.

Westlund Bus Lines 13, PCM Credit Union ?

Kaiden Bell led the Westlund Bus offense with four goals, Clayton Miller followed with three goals, and Olivia Hanson added one goal and an assist. Chloe Seymour, Hunter TenPas, Lauren Ahrndt and Luke Swiatnicki each scored a goal. Seymour, Mackenzie Doyle and Logan Hulce each added an assist. Goalie stats were not provided.

PCM Credit Union did not report team stats.


Enstrom Helicopter 1, The Insurance Works Agency ?

Brady McVane scored the only goal for Enstrom off of an assist from Jason Bowers. Caleb Smith brought in four saves as goalie. Mason Denny added two more saves.

The Insurance Works Agency did not report team stats.

June 28 results:


Dolphins vs Panthers: David O’Claire scored a goal with an assist from Cody Vieth on a nice backward pass.


Jack’s Fresh Market vs Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust: Alisa Finger, Cora Parchim, Ella Ray, Ellee Brink and Taylyn Tobias scored goals with assists from Aleiah Maxwell, Ellee Brink and Madelyn Mosey. Non-goalie save: Alyson Monnette, Anuoluwa Adebayo and Macy Bodam. Big kicks: Brylan Smith and Zoey Brown. Good sportsmanship: Karas Kilcup and Ruby Wrobleski. Nice hustle: Adrianne Morrow, Ella Chouinard, Madelyn Krah, Marah Boucher, Rylee Monnette, Skyler Powell, Anna Regner and Macy Brezsko.

Subway vs Main Street Electric Tattoo Co LLC: Aaliyah Amenson, Bella Espinosa, Jocelyn Short and Reese Linsmeier scored goals with assists from Madison Conklin, Nevada Schreiner and Piper Chapman. Nice hustle: Ella Therriault and Myah Moore. Non-goalie save: Adrian Ascher, Lillian Miller and Macy Marotz.

NKS Tire Service vs Thielen’s: Isabelle Kleiman, Natalie Dessart and Vivian Vidas scored goals with assists from Aubrey Swanson and Nova Cook. Great throw-ins: Ella Trottier. Big kicks: Mia Lemire.


Gregory’s Portrait Art Inc vs Dairy Advantage LLC: Lauryn Peters, Lilliana Revall, Reese Sallgren and Riley Spaulding scored goals with assists from Eva Andrews, Lauren Paidl, Lauryn Peters, Lilliana Revall, Reese Sallgren and Carly Imhoff. The goalies were Eva Andrews, Annabell Safemaster, Reese Sallgren, Aaliyah Powell, Carly Imhoff, Brianna Bretl and Maddison Johnson with a total of 21 saves. Nice hustle: Adelyn Benson, Madeline Friedland and Johnson. Non-goalie save: Powell.

Friendly Web Design vs Marinette Moose Lodge 2327: Marley Zieler scored a goal with an assist from Lily Engel. The goalies were Zeairra Blohm, Mia Riopelle, Alexis Loren, and Zieler with a total of eight saves. Good sportsmanship: Loren and Hadley Johnson. Big kicks: Jillian Behnke and Mallory Nelson.


Bouty Trucking 2, Prestige Auto Body ?

Daniel Williams and Haley Bouty each scored a goal for Bouty Trucking. Owen Hansen provided an assist. Team goalie Nicholas Kriedeman had 11 saves.

Prestige Auto Body did not report team stats.