It has now been a little over two and a half months since COVID-19 showed up and the sports world came to a screeching halt, and ever since sports lovers everywhere have been trying to fill the void.

I remember hearing the rumblings that this coronavirus might prevent sports from being played during the Menominee boys basketball teams’ district semifinal game against Gladstone in Menominee on March 11. At the time that is all they were, rumblings, but within 12 hours the crowd for the district finals to be played on Friday was limited to 100 people in attendance and within 24 hours, sports were cancelled.

Usually right now I would be out covering high school baseball, golf, tennis and track and just getting a chance to enjoy my job while being outside. Instead, we have not had the chance to cover a sporting event since that Menominee basketball game on March 11 and there is no guarantee anything will start up anytime soon.

There have been rumors that baseball might be starting up sometime in June in the Upper Peninsula, but there are so many precautions that need to be taken to ensure the safety of athletes, coaches, umpires and — if they are allowed — the fans that it’s unclear if and when that could happen.

Personally, I am on the side that hopes sports can start up again soon. If I have to wear a mask in order to be back on the sidelines I would do it just to hear the sound of a baseball hitting a glove or the sound the metal cleats make when walking on the concrete, but I understand the other side of it, too. This is a scary time for many people and it is not bad to be scared.

Places are starting to open back up throughout the United States and, for the most part, people around our area are taking it slow. That is what I think is the most important thing. Taking it slow. I don’t see the need to rush into trying to get back in the flow of things. It has been this long already, what really is a few more weeks or months of just being cautious? If sports do come back in the near future, there will not be fans in attendance until everyone’s safety is guaranteed anyway.

It is a really weird time right now. Instead of watching the NBA playoffs and the start of the MLB season, I watch a grown man stream NCAA Football 2014 on Twitch whenever I can just to see some type of sports. The Last Dance documentary on Michael Jordan and the Bulls was one of the best things I’ve ever watched and it helped to have something to look forward to every Sunday, but after those five weeks were up it was right back to square one.

For now, all we as sports lovers can do is keep our fingers crossed the major sports leagues figure all of the details out as soon as possible so they can restart before we all lose our min