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MENOMINEE — Winning one U.P. title in a high school career is an impressive achievement, but Mary Perket Harlow raised the bar by becoming a U.P. champion in back-to-back years in not one, but two sports in 1974 and 1975 to cap off a dominant three-year run.

In gymnastics, Perket Harlow mastered the trampoline and on the tennis court playing No. 1 singles, by the time her junior year came around she was one of the most feared players in the whole U.P., and on May 2, she will be inducted into the Menominee High School Athletic Hall of Fame at a ceremony at Riverside Golf Club.

“She was unstoppable at tennis and really put Menominee girls tennis on the map,” Perket Harlow’s former tennis coach John Nye said. “The year after she left we had 40 girls out for tennis and it was all because of Micki.”

As a sophomore playing No. 1 singles, Perket Harlow had a solid regular season but picked it up once U.P. finals rolled around, blowing through her first round opponent 6-0, 6-1 and then edging out her second-round opponent 7-5 in the first set and winning 6-2 in the second set to advance to the semifinals.

After winning 6-2, 6-2 in the semifinals she went up against the Great Northern Conference champion Val Brunell of Kingsford and fell 0-6, 0-6 to finish runner-up, but her reign on the courts was just beginning.

Her junior year is where things started heating up as she cruised through the regular season schedule to an undefeated record heading into the GNC finals match — and she dominated.

Perket Harlow dropped just six games in her four matches at GNC’s, winning her first and third matches 6-0, 6-0 and her second against Escanaba 6-2, 6-2 for a showdown with Marquette in the finals. She was victorious 6-2, 6-0, claiming her first GNC crown and helping to lead the Maroons to the GNC team title as well.

With two matches left until U.P.’s, she wasn’t about to let her perfect record be tainted as she beat Esky 6-1, 6-0 and defeated Kingsford 6-0, 6-0 while not giving up a single point.

Before U.P. finals that year, a Menominee Herald-Leader article from Oct. 5, 1974 read: “Last year, Miss Perket reached the championship finals in the singles and her strong showing this season has raised the hopes of Coach Nye for bringing the U.P. singles championship to Menominee.”

She didn’t disappoint.

At U.P. finals, Perket Harlow received a first-round bye before knocking off Kingsford and Esky 6-0, 6-0 in the second round and quarterfinals. In the semis, she defeated another Escanaba player 6-1, 6-2 and then became a U.P. champion with a 6-3, 6-2 victory over Marquette.

In the summer before her senior year started, Perket Harlow won the Twin City Girls Division tournament, the Shawano Women’s Division, Indianhead Open singles and doubles and in addition to winning the Twin City singles title, she teamed up with coach Nye to win the mixed doubles competition as well, adding to her already filling up trophy case.

Nye remembers after Perket Harlow won the trophy at Indianhead by “blowing everyone away, the trophy was almost as big as she was and we couldn’t find anywhere to put it at the school since she couldn’t keep in until after she graduated.”

With all of her success, that led to interest from coaches in college, and as a coach who was just starting out it was a little overwhelming at times.

“She was a special player,” Nye said. “I was getting calls from Dartmouth and other Ivy League schools about her and all sorts of other places. It was a lot but it was really neat that all of those schools new about a girl from a small town like this. It really shows how good she was.”

Her senior year was exactly the kind of send-off any senior that plays a sport could ask for as she ran through the regular season schedule to an undefeated record.

At GNC’s that year, Perket Harlow dropped just three games on her way to her second-straight GNC title and she got even better at U.P.’s, losing just one game in four matches on her way to back-to-back U.P. titles at No. 1 singles.

“We have had some good girl tennis players at Menominee over the year but Micki has to be up at the top of the list,” Nye said. “She instilled excitement in the sport back when there wasn’t much to go around.”

For how great she was on the court, Nye says Perket Harlow was even better off it.

“She was an outstanding athlete, but what was even better is that she was genuinely a sweetheart,” he said. “She was kind, generous and extremely dedicated to her team. Her work ethic was to the point where I never had to worry about if she had to miss a practice for cheerleading or anything. I knew she was going to put the work in because she basically lived at the YMCA.”

In addition to being star tennis player, Perket Harlow was also the lead cheerleader for Menominee.

After graduating high school in 1976, Perket Harlow went on to Northwestern University where she competed in varsity tennis and won the consolation Big Ten No. 4 singles title in 1977. Also while in college, she headed the area track and field meet for the Cook County Special Olympics and gave racquetball, tennis and swimming lessons.