MENOMINEE — The Menominee Woods and Stream Sportsman’s Club wrapped up Week 17 and Jim Stenzel took home the high-individual score for the week. 

High individual scores for the eighth week of the second half were shot by Stenzel (50); Paul Korn (25, 23); Tony Kakuk, Jim LaCanne and Parker Krause (25); Al Nerat (24, 24); Alex Blok and Lindsay Nolde (24, 23); Len Rohrbach, Matt Neilio, Aaron Nolde, Ron Nolde and Shawn Johnsen (24); Carl Muffler (23, 23); Tom Cheski, Barry Stepniak, Ron Kakuk, Clinton Cech, Jeff Chevalier, Jeff Brofka and Bob Brock (23).

This week’s High Squad was shot on Thursday evening by Jeff Brofka (23), Parker Krause (21), Brian Miller (20), Aaron N olde (24) and Clinton Cech (23) for a total of 111. This was duplicated later that same evening by Ron Nolde (24), Shawn Johnsen (24), Todd Mueller (19), Aaron Nolde (22) and Parker Krause (22) for another 111 total.

In team results for week #17 Sharp Shooters beat Busting Wads 120-94, Kakuk’s defeated Toxic Snipers 119-93, Pb Slingers outshot Prestige Auto Body 121/145/169-121/145/166 in a 7th-man tiebreaker, Roadhouse outshot Menza & Zak 120-118, Lithocrafters defeated Dollar Depot 120-116, Winsert edged Unknowns 121-120, and Barker’s Physical Therapy outlasted Heritage Inn 121/145/169-121/145/168 in another 7th-man shootout.

Men’s High Gun is Lee Fernstrum (415 total, 24.41 average), followed by Steve Schabo (410 and 24.12), Dave Seymour (404 and 23.70), John Seymour (400 and 23.53) and Ken Kline (399 and 23.47).

Women’s High Gun is Lindsay Nolde (385 total, 22.65 average), followed by Libby Theuerkauf (360 and 21.18), Calsey Krause (357 and 21.00), Julianne LaCanne (354 and 20.82) and Heather Juckem (342 and 20.12).

Sharp Shooters has an 8-0-0 record with one week remaining. Lithocrafter’s Printing is 7-1.