Menominee Woods & Stream Sportsman’s Club

The championship for the Summer Trap League was decided last week. Angeli’s and Roadhouse I ended the second half tied for first place, and settled the matter with a 25-bird shoot-off on Tuesday evening. Angeli’s emerged as the victor with a 121-120 score, and won the second half. Since Angeli’s had already won the first half, it is the Summer League champion team for 2014.

Shooting for Angeli’s were Dan Bayee, Bob Brock, Jeff Chevalier, Mary Chevalier, Charlie Nagler, Joe Pairon and Gary Smith.

Shooting for Roadhouse I were Bill Cech, Clinton Cech, Andrew Cook, Chris Daley, Bob Homa, Carl Muffler and Ben Schernick.

The annual club banquet will be held at the Pullman House Banquet Center on Sept. 20. This banquet is open to all club members at  $10 per person, but reservations are required to endure adequate food and seating. Call Steve Schabo at 906-863-3663 for more information or to make a reservation.

The Fall Trap League is now underway. High individual shooters for the first week were Norm Coon (50, 23, 23); John Turner (50); Ken Kline (25, 24); Don Kakuk, Mike Carroll, Mac McAllister and Dan Bayee (25); Wally Barker (24, 24); Roger Davis (24, 23, 23); Loren Rose (24, 23); Mary Chevalier, Jeff Chevalier, Bob Brock, Charlie Nagler, Bob Maloney and Colton Monroe (24); Jim Stenzel (23, 23); Joe Pairon, Jim LaCanne, Shawn Johnsen, Andrew Cook, Chris Daley and Ben Schernick (23).

High Squad was shot by Mary Chevalier (24), Joe Pairon (23), Norm Coon (23), Bob Brock (24) and Jeff Chevalier (24) for a squad total of 118.

The contest for Men’s High Gun starts with Mike Carroll, Norm Coon, Don Kakuk and Ken Kline all tied for first place with averages of 25.00, followed by Bob Maloney and Loren Rose with averages of 24.00.

Libby Theuerkauf leads Women’s High Gun with a 22.00 average, followed by Sandy Waugus with a 19.00 average.

The Fall Trap League will continue for eight weeks through Oct. 23. Signup forms for the five-man league are available at the clubhouse. League shooters are required to have three league scores posted by Sept. 18. This league is open to all area shooters. You can shoot on Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., or Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5 to 8. The range is located at N3675 County Road 577, about 10 miles north of Menominee. Everyone is welcome.