Menominee Woods & Stream Sportsman’s Club

Angeli’s and Roadhouse I finished the second half tied for first place.

High individual shooters for Week 18, the last week of summer League, were Scott Barnes, Libby Theuerkauf, Gene Lemery and Ben Schernick (24); Norm Coon and Bob Maloney (23, 23); Loren Rose, Josh Kickhaver, Roger Davis, Brian Miller and Nick Theuerkauf (23).

Dave Seymour clinched men’s high gun with a final total of 438 and an average of 24.33, followed by Lee Fernstrum (437, 24.28), Dan Bayee (404, 23.76), Tom Volk (423, 23.50), Gene Lemery and Ken Kline (422, 23.44).

Libby Theuerkauf won women’s high gun with a final total of 401 and an average of 22.28, followed by Heather Juckem (374 and 20.78), Mary Chevalier (368 and 20.44), Pat Barker (363 and 20.17) and Sandy Waugus (333 and 18.50).

The week’s high squad was shot on Thursday by Libby Theuerkauf (20), Nick Theuerkauf (23), Gene Lemery (24), Jeff Brofka (19) and Brian Miller (22) for a squad total of 108.

In final team action Kakuk’s defeated Lithocrafters Printing 122/146-122/122 in a sixth-man tiebreaker, Van’s IGA outshot Little Digger Construction 121-117, Keeter’s Construction beat Barker’s Ridge 120-116, Roadhouse I edged Winsert 119-118, Angeli’s defeated Wild Rivers Forestry 122-116, and Roadhouse II lost to the bye score, 119-118.

High individual shooters for Week 17 were Dale Welch (25); Norm Coon (24, 23, 23); Mac McAllister and Paul Korn (24, 23); Dave Brower, Scott Barnes and Jason Juckem (24); Roger Davis (23, 23); Bob Maloney, Charlie Nagler, Libby Theuerkauf, Brian Miller, Chris Daley, Jeff Diener, Mary Chevalier and Al Nerat (23).

In Week 17 team action, Kakuk’s defeated Roadhouse II 122-120, Van’s IGA defeated Lithocrafters Printing 122-120, Little Digger Construction edged Keeter’s Construction 120-119, Roadhouse I beat Barker’s Ridge 119-117, Winsert outshot Wild Rivers Forestry in a seventh-man shootout 119/142/165-119/142/142, and Angeli’s outdid the bye score 120-119.

Final standings (W-L-T)

Angeli’s   7-2-0
Roadhouse I   7-2-0
Kakuk’s   6-3-0
Keeter’s Const.   6-3-0
Van’s IGA   6-3-0
Barker’s Ridge   5-4-0
Winsert   5-4-0
Little Digger   3-6-0
Wild Rivers   2-6-1
Lithocrafters   1-7-1
Roadhouse II   1-8-0