The Carney summer basketball league quarterfinals took place Monday.

Juice Promotions 78, Wangerin Logging 66
Lucas Moreau scored 16 points and Jacob Polfus added 15 for Juice Promotions.
Seth Degaynor scored 22 for Wangerin.

Getz Milk Products 92, Granquist Dairy 72
Jake Kleiman scored 31 and Mike Floyd added 22 for Getz.
Tom Granquist scored 25 and Casey Goodman added 24 for Granquist.

Wildwood 101, Gladstone 92
Dawson Bilski scored 31 and Brett Beland added 19 for Wildwood.
For Gladstone, Sam Molnar scored 27 and Craig LeClare and Jake Peterson each scored 21.
Niagara Logistics also advanced over the Ole Timers.

The semifinals and finals will be held on Monday with semifinal games at 6:30 and 7:30 and the finals following at 8:30.