MARINETTE — Marinette Recreation co-ed softball games which were rained out Sunday have been rescheduled.

Next Sunday’s schedule — the final week of the regular season — will run from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The league tournament will begin on Aug. 17, weather permitting.

Results from Sunday’s early games:

Division 1 co-ed softball

Lee’s Foods 19, Beal Contracting 5
Lee’s: Joe Bayer & Jake Bayer 3x1B
Beal: Jed Holterman 2B, 1B; Mel Edwin 2x1B
Division 2 co-ed softball

Eastside Bar 6, Family Ties 3

Eastside: Juice Jagielski & Cory Raygo 2x3B
Family Ties: Justin Bardowski 2B

Baumaguillen 19, Oly’s 18

Baumaguillen: Aaron Unti 3xHR, 1B
Oly’s I: Ken Banister 2xHR; D.J. Stank 3B, 2x2B

Johnson Sewer 9, Dexter’s 7

Johnson: Lance Krause 2B, 2x1B; Carrie Knutson 2B, 1B
Dexter’s: Andy Porath 3B, 2B, 1B; Darius Dohl 2B, 1B

Straight Flush 7, Applejack’s/Drust 2
Straight Flush: Andy Beyer 2B
Applejack’s/Drust: Mike Garvey 2B, 2x1B; Steve Koeffler 2x1B

Corky’s 22, Mattison Insurance 2

Corky’s: Cody Quever hit for the cycle; Tom Englund 2B, 2x1B
Mattison: Mackenzie Francour 2x1B

Cusack’s 15, Mariner Theater 14
Cusack’s: Al Zemple 3B, 2B, 1B; Sandy Koesling 2x1B
Mariner: Brian Farley 2B, 2x1B; Becky Curtis 2x1B
Division 3 co-ed softball

Bob’s Bar 21, Premier Engineering 5
Bob’s: Mike Thayer HR, 3B, 1B; John Thayer 2x3B, 2B
Premier: Jim Harding HR, 3x1B

Oly’s I 18, Chem Design 7

Oly’s: Mike Marcin 3x2B, 2x1B; Sid Zadurski HR, 2B, 1B
Chem Design: Josh Nerat 3x1B

Division 1 co-ed
Anytime Fitness9-1
Silvan Industries   8-2
Sports Corner   8-2
Lee’s Foods   7-4
Pirate’s Cove   5-5
New Life Church   2-8
Beal Contracting   2-9
PK Fitness/Pisani Graphix   0-10

Division 2 co-ed
Baumaguillen   9-2
Oly’s 2   9-2
Dexter’s   7-4
Eastside Bar   7-4
Mariner Theater   7-4
Corky’s   6-5
Mattison Insurance   5-6
Straight Flush   5-6
Applejack’s/Drust Brothers   4-7
Johnson Sewer   4-7
Cusack’s   2-9
Family Ties   1-10

Division 3 co-ed
Bob’s Bar   8-3
GI Tackle   7-3
Nelson Express   7-3
Dome Lanes   6-4
Fully Charged   6-4
Chem Design   6-5
Oly’s 1   6-5
Marinette Iron & Metal   5-5
Country Inn   4-6
Premier Engineering   4-7
Cozzy’s   3-7
Lolli’s   0-10