MARINETTE — Silvan Industries, Baumigillam and Marinette Iron & Metal won Marinette Recreation co-ed softball tournament championships Sunday.

Division 1

Silvan won the championship game 10-6 over Anytime Fitness. Kathy Molkentime hit four singles and Josh Plansky blasted a home run and two doubles.

For Anytime, Phil Nerat doubled twice and singled. Kory Weed singled twice.

Anytime Fitness 19, Lee’s Family Foods 12

Anytime: Emily Holle 3B, 1B
Lee’s: Bobby Walters 2x2B, 1B; Jake Bayer 2x1B

Silvan Industries 11, Sports Corner 7

Silvan: Lee Schuchart 2B, 2x1B; Eric Bayerl 3x1B

Sports Corner 13, Lee’s Foods 10

In the third-place game, Sports Corner: Mike Hubert homered and singled twice and Nate Bertrand homered and singled for Sports Corner. For Lee’s, Adam Thill tripled and singled twice. Carlee Mylener and J.J. Norton each singled twice.

Division 2

Baumigillam 25, Applejacks/Drust 10

Baumigillam: Tony Gromala 2B, 2x1B; Eric Menor 2x2B, 1B

Straight Flush 17, Oly’s II 10

Straight Flush: Ty Bebo 3B, 2B, 1B; Bailey Enderby 2x2B; Ben Brown 2B, 1B

Oly’s II: David Stank 3B, 2B

Baumigillam 8, Dexter’s 7

Baumigillam: Menor 2x2B; Erik Unti 2B, 1B

Mariner 12, Straight Flush 10

Mariner: Matt Schroeder 2xHR; Brian Farley HR, 2x2B, 1B
Straight Flush: Ryne Francour 3B, 1B; Jim Kostura 3x1B

Dexter’s 6, Straight Flush 5 (3rd place)

Dexter’s: John Pesola HR, 1B; Andy Porath 2x2B
Straight Flush: Jason Malke HR

Baumigillam 15, Mariner Theater 14

In the championship game, Menor slugged a homer and two doubles. Aaron Until homered twice and doubled.
For Mariner, Schroeder homered twice, doubled and singled. Farley homered and singled.

Division 3

Nelson Express 17, Premier Engineering 16

Nelson: Justin Schwartz 2x2B, Heather Rounds 3x1B
Premier: Jim Harding HR, Chuck Kneath 2xHR, 1B

GI Tackle 21, Fully Charged 15

GI: Danon DeDamos HR, 2B, 1B; Jeff Moeller HR, 2x1B
Fully Charged: Jordon Vieth 2xHR, 1B; Danny Brown 3B, 2x1B

Dome Lanes 14, Nelson Express 4

Dome: JR Rose 2xHR; Adam Lacy 3B, 2x2B, 1B
Nelson: Dave Anderson 2B, 1B

Marinette Iron & Metal 25, G1 Tackle 8

Marinette Iron: Chad Overski HR, 1B; Alan Kaster HR, 3B, 2x1B
G1: Eric Berg HR, 2x2B; Ricky Smith 2x2B, 1B

G1 Tackle 18, Nelson Express 5 (third-place game)

G1: Berg 3x3B, 2B; Pinky DeDamos 2xHR, 3x1B
Nelson: Brandon Teske 2B, 1B

Marinette Iron & Metal 19, Dome Lanes 9

In the championship game, Kaster slugged a homer and a single for Iron & Metal. Kim Behrendt singled three times for Dome Lanes.