In youth football Wednesday, the McDonald’s Packers beat the Schloegel’s Bay View Restaurant Bears 27-7.

Joseph Haire had touchdown runs of 35 and 19 yards for the Packers, and Devin Shedlock had a 9-yard touchdown run. Keaton Uecke had a fumble recovery, and Jonathan Lewis had a 60-yard kickoff return for a touchdown for the Packers.

Mason Boivin had a touchdown run and a fumble recovery for the Bears.

The Ameriprise Financial Eagles beat the Anderson’s Auto and RV Vikings 13-7.

Carson Erdman had two touchdown passes for the Eagles. Dominic Koehnke had a 45-yard scoring reception, and Conor Baley caught a 5-yard score for the Eagles.

The Great Lakes Sports Broncos beat the Tri-City Plumbing Lions 26-6.

Gavin Thiry had a touchdown run in each quarter for the Broncos.

The Lions’ touchdown came on an 80-yard run by Alec Queever.

Two games canceled Aug. 18 were played Tuesday. The Bears beat the Lions 13-0, and the Broncos beat the Eagles 6-0.

On Aug. 27 the Packers and the Eagles ended regulation tied at 13, and the Eagles won on yardage in overtime.

Carson Erdman had a 17-yard touchdown pass to Dominic Koehnke.

Joseph Haire had a 50-yard touchdown and Jonathan Lewis had a 65 yard kickoff return for a touchdown for the Packers.

The Broncos beat the Bears 14-7.

Gavin Thiry had 17-yard and 5-yard touchdown runs for the Broncos.

Tim Corn had a 92-yard touchdown run for the Bears.

The Vikings shut out the Lions 12-0.

Hunter Shepeck had touchdown runs of 54 and eight yards.