MARINETTE — According to a Monday release from Tyco Fire Protection Products/Johnson Controls, a recent chemical spill at the company’s Stanton Street location has been kept under control. 

On Thursday, Tyco “inadvertently overfilled a fire-fighting foam tank on our Stanton Street facility, releasing approximately 25 gallons of foam outside our containment system,” the release said. “Of that, we estimate that less than half reached a stormwater basin that leads to the sewer and the Menominee River.”

Tyco said the stormwater basin was plugged, and no foam was observed in the river. The company also pumped and cleaned material and structures outside its containment system, and will be “performing additional restoration activities as necessary.”

“The tank overflow was stopped right away and no further foam has been released,” the release said. “We immediately notified the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and are working with them to complete any necessary formal reporting and further cleanup and containment measures.”