MADISON, Wis. —State Rep. John Nygren, R-Marinette released the following statement regarding bipartisan bills that have been sent to Gov. Tony Evers’ desk.

“Yesterday, the State Senate voted to send five important pieces of legislation to the desk of Governor Evers,” Nygren said in the statement. “First, I would like to thank my colleagues for once again supporting the Heroin, Opiate, Prevention, and Education (HOPE) Agenda. With that said, there are still two important pieces of the HOPE Agenda that are awaiting a floor vote in the State Senate.”

Nygren said both Assembly Bills 648 and 651 passed the State Assembly with broad bipartisan support and will expand access to non-addictive treatment for pain and continue portions of the highly successful Good-Samaritan law.

“I hope to see both of these bills scheduled for a floor vote soon.” he said.

The four HOPE Agenda Bills being sent to the Governor will accomplish the following:

¦ Expand access to safe and reliable recovery housing;

¦ Ensure state employees protections while undergoing Medication-Assisted Treatment;

¦ Extend the highly successful PDMP requirements;

¦ Expand access to MAT in our corrections environments and,

¦ Remove barriers to Recovery Coaches

“Second, the State Senate voted to pass the bipartisan bill that I authored to increase funding for snowmobile trail and maintenance and new trail miles,” Nygren said. “Snowmobiling is a significant contributor to our state’s outdoor economy, especially in northern Wisconsin. It is important to invest in trail maintenance and development to ensure our state remains a premier destination for this sport.”

“I would like to thank my colleagues on both sides of the aisle for years of partnership on the 34 bills that have been passed as a part of the HOPE Agenda. I strongly encourage Governor Evers to sign these important bills into law.”