WASHINGTON — Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) voted for the bipartisan National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that passed the full Senate Thursday and includes a number of measures that deliver results for Wisconsin. The House and Senate will now reconcile their versions of this defense funding bill and send it to the President for his signature.

“I voted in favor of this defense authorization legislation because it makes important investments to strengthen our national security and support the health, well-being and economic security of our service members and their families,” said Baldwin. “In particular, I am pleased the bill includes a pay raise for our troops, makes sure that federal Small Shipyard grants support American workers and businesses, and authorizes funding for a number of projects important to Wisconsin’s military personnel, our public health and our Made in Wisconsin economy.”

Baldwin’s bipartisan legislation to strengthen Buy America requirements for federal Small Shipyard Grant funding was included in the Senate’s NDAA. The measure will support American businesses, manufacturers and workers.

While Buy American requirements already apply to the Small Shipyard Grant Program, there is a loophole in the Maritime Administration’s rules that allow these federal grants to be used to purchase foreign-made equipment. Baldwin’s provision in NDAA will close this loophole to support American businesses and workers like Marine Travelift in Sturgeon Bay, which employs nearly 200 workers and uses Wisconsin-sourced materials to manufacture boat handling equipment that is exported around the world.

The bill includes more than $1 billion in initial funding for the Navy’s future frigate. Fincantieri Marinette Marine is competing to build this future ship in Wisconsin, which will continue to support Baldwin’s priority of expanding good-paying Made in Wisconsin shipbuilding jobs. Unfortunately, the bill again did not include Baldwin’s amendment that would require American-made Navy ships to be built using domestic-sourced components like diesel engines produced by Fairbanks Morse Engine in Beloit.

Baldwin has been taking action to ensure Wisconsin has clean drinking water, including addressing water contamination from chemicals containing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), and she secured provisions in NDAA that require nationwide environmental testing for PFAS, establish enforceable standards for PFAS in drinking water and authorize funding to develop better testing methods for PFAS in the environment. The bill also clarifies that the Department of Defense is responsible for cleaning up PFAS contamination at National Guard Facilities, including at Wisconsin’s Truax Field.

While Baldwin voted to pass NDAA, she said she was disappointed the Senate bill again includes a shortsighted $35 million cut to Oshkosh Defense’s Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program as well as cuts to Oshkosh’s Medium and Heavy Tactical Wheeled Vehicles.