MARQUETTE, Mich. — Magellan Rx Management, discovered that an anonymous, unauthorized third party accessed the email account of one employee who handles member data for Upper Peninsula Health Plan (UPHP).

Magellan is based in Marquette, but has customers in Menominee County.

Magellan learned on July 5 that unauthorized access to the employee’s email account occurred on May 28. Magellan carefully investigated this incident. Magellan notified UPHP as soon as it learned that some UPHP members may have been affected. This notification was on Oct. 3. On Nov. 21, UPHP found out which members were actually affected. UPHP is contacting each affected member directly.

Magellan’s investigation found nothing to make it believe the hacker viewed any emails with UPHP information. But, it said it cannot be 100% certain.

The affected email account contained information which may have included member’s name, date of birth, health plan member ID number, address, provider, diagnosis, drug and benefit authorization information.

Magellan has provided a toll-free number for individuals who have questions. The toll-free number is (833) 959-1351 and is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CST. A website is also available for affected individuals at UPHP recommends that members carefully review all documents they receive regarding their health benefits. If a member thinks that someone has used their health benefits, they may contact UPHP Customer Service at 800-835-2556 (Medicaid) or 877-349-9324 (Medicare).

Magellan notified law enforcement about this incident, implemented enhanced security and authentication measures to further protect its email system, and is updating mandatory training to help employees keep their computers more secure.