MENOMINEE — Menominee County Treasurer Diane Lesperance is encouraging property owners to pay their delinquent 2017 taxes immediately. Payment must be received in the Office of the Menominee County Treasurer by Thursday to prevent property forfeiture. Payments received after Thursday will not prevent property forfeiture and will result in substantial penalties and a higher interest cost.

Under Michigan’s tax reversion law, taxpayers attempting to make payments after Thursday will incur a $235 fee plus an additional 0.5 percent per month in interest retroactive to March 1 of the previous year.

All property owners with properties subject to forfeiture should have received a forfeiture notice. If people have not received a forfeiture notice and they believe that their property taxes are delinquent and subject to forfeiture they can contact the county treasurer’s office.

Questions regarding any delinquent taxes may be directed to the Menominee County Treasurer’s Office, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 906-863-5548.