¦ Development Committee. Tuesday, 9 a.m., annex conference room at courthouse. Reports from Melissa Ebsch, marketing and tourism director, and Cindy Wojtczak of Bay Lakes Regional Planning Commission (BLRPC). Discuss assessment of economic development organization structure in Marinette County and identify direction county should take to establish organizational structure for economic and community development and /or tourism marketing/promotion. Update on potential broadband expansion grant application. Consider establishment of fund to develop in cooperation with NEWCAP an acquisition, rehabilitation, reconstruction and resale program for housing in Marinette County. Consider recommend county board support resolution supporting SB302 requiring the DNR to establish and enforce standards for per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

¦ Infrastructure Committee. Wednesday, 9 a.m., jury assembly room in courthouse annex. DNR and Forestry and Parks and Highway departments. Consider annual work plan for Forestry Department and maintenance and snowplowing on county forest roads. Presentation on off road jeep trails and consider authorizing Forestry Department to identify areas to create off road jeep trains on county forest lands. Update on LEC project. 

¦ Health and Human Services Board. Wednesday, 1:30 p.m., Basement Conference Room G in HHS Building. Public Health Officer and HHS director reports. Consider recommend Administrative Committee approve crisis coordinator position. and apply, and accept if awarded targeted safety support funds to develop in-home safety supports. Consider authorizing public health officer to apply for eight cases of NARCAN through the Opioids/Narcan Direct Program. 

¦ Administrative Committee. Thursday, 9 a.m., annex conference room in courthouse. IT Department monthly report. Recommend county board approve crisis coordinator position. Consider establishing a fun to development in cooperation with NEWCAP an acquisition, rehabilitation, reconstruction, resale program for housing within county. Consider recommending county board renew Mutual Insurance Corporation liability and property insurance policies. Consider closing the Oct. 30, 2019, balance in the 2016 CIP Fund to maintenance capital expenditures to be earmarked for county tuckpoint and masonry repairs.

¦ Chapter Five Grievance Committee. Thursday, 11 a.m., jury assembly room in courthouse annex. Discuss purpose and duties of committee and elect chairperson and vice chairperson. Closed session on final action affecting deputy/deputies.