¦ Group Home Association Board of Directors. Today, noon, Anthony House on Wells Street in Marinette. Retention of Wesley H. Hoffman as legal counsel. Discussion of mission statement. Closed session.

¦ Personnel and Veterans Service Committee. Thursday, 9:30 a.m., jury assembly room in courthouse annex. Consider recommending county board approve abolishing the office of coroner and implement a medical examiner who is appointed to take office at the end of current coroner’s term. Also, consider recommending county board approve resolution establishing annual compensation for clerk of courts, coroner and sheriff. Consider authorizing veterans service officer to apply for, and if awarded, administer veterans service grant in amount of $10,000. Consider recommending county approve money savings proposal incentive and the creation of a child protective services ongoing ongoing social work position and the elimination of juvenile court social worker position.

¦ 911 User Committee. Thursday, 3:30 p.m., Law Enforcement Center. Updates on Wisconsin, Rural Fire Association, Area Rescue Squad Association and Mutual Box Alarm System.  Discusion on any operation concerns with dispatch procedures or use of radio frequencies by user departments. 

¦ Tourism Alliance Committee. Thursday, 5:30 p.m., Crivitz Village Hall. Update on state/county parks and proposal for county to contract with City of Marinette for tourism and marketing services. Discuss decision by MCABI Board to consider expanding the services provided to the county by assuming the tourism and marketing responsibilities, and the invitation by the MCABI Board for at least two Tourism Alliance me members to serve on committee with MCABI Board members for assembly of plan for consideration by the MCABI Board and Marinette County Board.