¦ Public Services Committee. Today, 1:30 p.m., annex conference room at courthouse. Sheriff, jail and medical examiner reports. Consider recommending to county board approval of 2020-25 county hazard mitigation plan. 

¦ Infrastructure Committee. Wednesday, 9 a.m., jury assembly room in courthouse annex. DNR, forestry, facilities and parks, and highway reports. Presentation by Title Town Jeepers on the development of Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) trails on county forest lane. Introduction of Beverly Reuther, assistant facilities and parks director. Consider authorizing creation of OHV trails in the Town of Goodman. Consider approval of non-metallic mining site use agreement with Town of Pembine to crush gravel in the Thompson East pit; and Clip Clop Trail Riders’ five-year plan for Horseshoe Falls Equestrian Camp and Trail System.

¦ Health and Human Services Board. Wednesday, 1:30 p.m., Basement Conference Room G in HHS Building. Public Health Officer and HHS Director reports. Consider authorizing Public Health Officer to apply for ALDI Small Kids Grant up to an amount of $2,000 to purchase approximately 200 bike helmets; and to administer the Overdose Data to Action Program with a grant up to $30,000, with the potential for two years of additional funding.