¦ Public Safety & Code Enforcement Committee. Today, 4 p.m., council chambers. Review of activity reports. Update from building inspector regarding the parcels not being maintained in the city. 

¦ Transportation Coordination Committee. Tuesday, 10 a.m., community development office. Transportation Coordination Committee (Shared-Ride Taxi, Inc.) resolution for the contract between the City of Marinette and Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission for professional services relating to the 2020 application for State Aid and Federal Aid for Shared-Ride Taxi, not to exceed $2,250. 2019 Shared-Ride Taxi status report and discussion.

¦ Finance & Insurance Committee. Tuesday, 4 p.m., council chambers. June expenditures and budget reports. Fund raising and partial funding from Focus on Energy rebate for a cushion track at the Community REC Center. Update on Community REC Center. 

¦ Personnel & License Committee. Tuesday, 5 p.m., council chambers. Updated job descriptions for recreation/DPW positions moved to full-time. City attorney position. New licenses and renewals.