¦ Roderick I. Crawford, 42, 1312 15th Ave., Menominee, 29 days in jail, 6 months probation, possession of analogous drugs.

¦ Christian J. Delgado-Baerga, 27, 459 1st St., Menominee, $1,030, 6 months probation, rehabilitation, must follow recommendation of the agency, sign release of information form, submit to testing and PBT at the demand of the court of law enforcement officer, cannot possess or consume alcohol nor enter establishment where sold to be consumed by the glass on the premise, cannot possess or consume controlled substances, driving while impaired.

¦ Brian F. Dufresne, 51, 3400, 10th St., Menominee, $1,000, contribute to the delinquency of a minor.

¦ Austin J. Vorachek, N1035 U.S. 41, Menominee, 23, 10 days in jail, $850, violation of license restrictions.