¦ Russell J. DeCamp, 41, N1575 Strojny Road, Marinette, $760, 36 days in jail, three months probation, driving with suspended license. 

¦ Jason D. Lawrence, 36, 812 15th Ave. Menominee, $700, 30 days in jail, four months probation, driving with suspended license, use of marijuana.

¦ Anthony R. Mech, 49, 4914 15th St. Menominee, $425, 42 days in jail, license suspended for 30 days with restrictions for 150 days, 12 months probation, must submit to PBT, cannot possess or consume alcohol or enter establishment where alcohol is sold by the glass for consumption on the premises, cannot possess or consume controlled substances, use of marijuana. 

¦ Austin M. Philliips, 19, Alpena, Mich., $125, 14 days jail, driving with a suspended license. 

¦ Austin J. Stern, 36, 4310 10th St. Menominee, $125, 23 days in jail, use of marijuana.