¦ James R. Miller, 27, Wausaukee, $853 total, OWI (1st offense) and failure to have a passenger use a seat belt.

¦ Zachary K. Mills, 26, Muscatine, Iowa, $843, OWI (1st offense).

¦ Vanessa L. Lanthier, 22, Niagara, $612.60 total, failure to notify police of an accident, failure to keep vehicle under control and failure to wear a seat belt.

¦ Jon W. Kane, 38, Oak Creek, Wis., $532.90 total, driving left of center, failure to properly maintain tires and rims and improper parking or standing of a vehicle.

¦ Amy L. Linstad, 55, N5202 Bagley Road, Marinette, $410 total, two counts of speeding.

¦ Amie L. Ortiz, 41, Coleman, $326.50, failure to stop for school bus unloading.

¦ John D. Karras, 53, Wheeling, Ill., $250.90, speeding.

¦ Paul F. Lister-Jacobson, 17, L’Anse, Mich., $210.50 total, speeding and driving without proof of insurance.

¦ $200.50 each, driving while suspended: Bradley D. Mech, 54, W2640 County Trunk B, Marinette; Patrick J. Moran, 54, Green Bay.

¦ Kathleen R. Lieuwen, 47, Peshtigo, $187.90, inattentive driving.

¦ $175.30 each, speeding: Everett J. Miller, 17, Crivitz; James G. Modl, 36, Two Rivers, Wis.; McCoy S. Mraz, 17, 1439 Grant St., Marinette.

¦ Luke J. Lacroix, 21, Crivitz, $138.76, driving after revocation or suspension of registration.