¦ Driving while intoxicated: David G. Larsen, 53, and Trevor J. Leiterman, 31, both of Green Bay, $937.50, nine months license revoked and nine months ignition interlock device, alcohol assessment; and Allison J. Lofman, 27, 3423 Cleveland Ave., Apartment 11, Marinette, and Karl R. Subjeck, 27, Two Rivers, Wis., both $843, seven months license revoked, alcohol assessment. 

¦ Zamora Prieto Aramyael, 22, Coleman, $677.10, speeding, driving without insurance and driving without a valid license.

¦ Matthew N. Rupiper, 32, Crivitz, $576.30, speeding, driving while license suspended and driving without insurance.

¦ Tara K. Rasmussen, 35, Crivitz, $495.50, speeding and driving without insurance.  

¦ Marie J. A. Lewis, 58, Peshtigo, $464 total, hit and run — unattended vehicle and failure to report an accident.

¦ $401 each: Jenny L. Netupski, 41, Wausaukee, and Nicholas A. Ranallo, 23, Crivitz, both driving a vehicle without insurance and driving a vehicle while license suspended, and Krystle M. Yunke, 32, Crivitz, two counts of driving without a valid license, and Anthony B. Scifo, 39, Milwaukee, driving after registration was revoked and speeding.

¦ Nathan J. Van Pay, 26, Green Bay, $350.60, two counts of speeding. 

¦ Speeding: Brigitte U. Maronde, 57, Chicago, $250.90, and Valerie J. Teal, 30, Bark River, Mich., $225.70. 

¦ Courtney E. Shafron, 40, Dunbar, $213.10, driving too fast for conditions.

¦ $200.50 each: Angelia M. Van Hecke, 29, Coleman; Alisha R. Sobay, 20, 2312 Thomas St., Marinette; Jacqueline A. Popovich, 33, Wausaukee, and Sarah J. Shier, 35, W4168 Schroeder Road, Marinette, driving without insurance; Chelsea A. Smith, 29, 3400 10th St., No. 59, Menominee, driving without a valid license, and Mitch A. Vandehei, 24, Green Bay, possession of open intoxicants — passenger. 

¦ $175.30 each, speeding: Zachary W. Mcintyre, 34, and Nicholas B. Pilot, 20, both of Iron Mountain, Mich.; Corey L. Olson, 40, Appleton, Wis.; Christine E. Schmidt, 66, Felch, Mich.; Samantha I. Schuchart, 25, W2254 Jenny Lane, Marinette; Gerald E. Staats, 68, Wausaukee; Jason P. Suhr, 35, Waukesha, Wis.; Zachary J. Taylor, 32, Green Bay; Riley P. Thomson, 20, Iron River, Mich.; Kimberly K. Vassar, 54, and Tyler S. Wilcox, 26, both of Florence, Wis.; Hunter C. Wittmus, 17, Crivitz; Richard S. Zavala, 23, 709 10th St., Menominee, and Robert J. Zemke, 55, Oak Creek, Wis.  

¦ $175.30 each, failure to register vehicle: Dana P. Plautz, 52, Peshtigo, and Mark D. Weissgerber, 60, Pembine.

¦ Alice M. Maruszczak, 47, Armstrong Creek, Wis., $138.76, failure to register vehicle.