¦ Steve J. Dezelan, 37, 655 W. Hosmer St., Marinette, $1,003.60, inattentive driving, driving too fast for conditions, failure to keep vehicle under control and failure to notify police of accident.
¦ Driving while intoxicated, seven months license revoked and alcohol assessment: Cody P. Champagne, 18, Pound, $843, and Tammy L. Clausen, 50, Appleton, Wis., $937.50.
¦ Tavares E. Hester, 39, Milwaukee, $464, driving without a valid license and open intoxicants — driver.
¦ Kyle J. Calvert, 23, Oostburg, Wis., $426.20, driving too fast for conditions and failure to keep vehicle under control.
¦ $375.80 total each: Jadin M. Cruz, 17, N4226 Sandberg Road, Marinette, driving a vehicle without an instructor and failure to stop at stop sign; Tristan P. Early, 32, 1596 Marinette Ave., Marinette, failure to register vehicle and driving while license suspended, and Angela M. Gillette, 35, Pembine, speeding and failure to register vehicle.
¦ Dirk A. Bird, 26, 1314 Armstrong St., Marinette, $213.10, driving too fast for conditions;
¦ Speeding, $200.50 each: Marcus D. Christie, 41, Franklin, Wis., and Sharon D. Cline, 66, Miles City, Mont.
¦ $200.50 each: Phillip J. Bontempo, 46, Pembine, driving an ATV in a careless way; Joseph K. Colgan, 58, Oconomowoc, Wis., permit solid waste to be thrown from vehicle; Kristine C. Dankert, 27, Pembine, driving without a valid license; William F. Derringer, 47, Wausaukee, and  Raymond J. Dura, 30, Peshtigo, both for driving a vehicle without insurance, and Dawn M. Forsythe, 37, Crivitz, driving while license suspended.
¦ Inattentive driving, $187.90 each: Gage A. Bruneau, 40, Pembine, and Brent M. Drees, 30, 918 Parnell St., Marinette.
¦ Speeding, $175.30 each: Michael P. Barker, 21, Iron River, Mich.; William D. Chmela, 32, 816 Elizabeth Ave., Marinette; Heather A. Charnota, 44, Pembine; Blake P. Elias, 21, Wausaukee; Justin A. Harry, 26, Grene Bay; Anthony C. Hoynacke, 57, Sagola, Mich,. and Dale J. Hudson, 42, Braidwood, Ill. 
¦ $175.30 each: Tanner J. H. Biller, 34, Eau Claire, Wis., failure to register vehicle; Sharon L. Cadeau, 24, 833 Elizabeth Ave., Marinette, failure to register vehicle; Cady L. Caebe, 21, Peshtigo, driving after license was suspended or revoked; Jose J. Cargagena, 21, 1010 Elizabeth Ave., Marinette, failure to stop at stop sign, and Brandon J. Hanson, 31, Crivitz, failure to register vehicle.

¦ Driving while license suspended: Jesse L. Smith, 36, 807 Wells St., Marinette, $805, and Brandon J.Teasdale, 36, 122 Main St., Marinette, $700.


¦ Ann M. Erdman, 30, Marinette, $498, no license.
¦ Daniel D. Lindquist, 66, Bark River, $399, overweight load.
¦ Kashmier D. Rutherford, 32, West Allis, Wis., $312, no proof of insurance
¦ $288 each, speeding: Dean J. Tousey, 26, Marinette, and Zachary W. Wilkerson, 23, Menominee.
¦ Holly L. Cuffe, 40, Menominee, $288, no proof of insurance.
¦ Dale E. Olson, 70, Menominee, $280, open container.
¦ $250 each, no license: Joseph J. Phelps, 42, and Gage M. Atwood, 18, both of Menominee.
¦ $240 each: Kathryn C. Kurth, 23, Stephenson, improper use of plate, and Jacob J. Herre, 26, Wallace, fail to report an accident.
¦ Susan E. Cooper, 66, Munising, Mich., $210, expired registration.
¦ Speeding: Paige K. Thoune, 18, Menominee, $140, and  Kathleen W. Wendorf, 50, Merrill, Wis., $130.
¦ Katie J. Rowe, 28, Menominee, $120, defective equipment.