¦ Amber L. Norquist, 26, Crivitz, $937.50, nine months license revoked and nine months ignition interlock device, alcohol assessment, driving while intoxicated.
¦ Elijah L. Muller, 22, Green Bay, $464 total, speeding and possession of open intoxicants — driver.
¦ Sierra A. Stuiber, 23, Green Bay, $451.40 total, driving while license suspended and speeding.
¦ Kelly J. Shanks, 29, W1229 West Cleveland Ave., Marinette, $363.20 total, failure to obey traffic signal and inattentive driving.
¦ Alexzander C. Whittier, 21, Milwaukee; $363.20 total, driving with a suspended license and failure to dim headlamp.
¦ Speeding: Stephanie D. Sislo, 27, 1723 Shore Drive, Marinette, $276.10, and Lexius T. Oliver, 16, Niagara, $200.50.
¦ $213.10 each: Maria L. Paulson, 19, 808 7th Ave., Menominee, failure to keep vehicle under control; Christine L. Poole, 34, Wausaukee, and Bryce L. Wickman, 18, Porterfield, both for driving too fast for conditions.
¦ $200.50, driving with a suspended license: Cory S. Price, 24, Milwaukee, and Zachary E. Votava, 32, Coleman.
¦ $175.30 each, failure to register vehicle: Travis Mattison, 36, Milwaukee and Alyssa R. Zeitler, 26, Pound.
¦ $175.30 each, speeding: Sonya M. Mclain, 45, Florence, Wis.; Amy L. Morgan, 33, Madison, Wis.; Cassandra E. Olive, 33, 3126 Carney Ave., Marinette; Richard F. Rasmussen, 77, Pembine; William F. Shaw, 68, Athelstane; Bernice Zielinski, 47, Burbank, Ill., and Dennis J. Yonke, 68, Berlin, Wis.   
¦ $175.30 each: Heidi M. Place, 35, Peshtigo, failure to stop at stop sign; Brittany M. Stanke, 22, Peshtigo, failure to yield to the right of way, and Jeffrey R. Timler, 37, Peshtigo, failure to stop at stop sign.