¦ $937.50 each, nine months license revoked and nine months ignition interlock device: alcohol assessment, driving while intoxicated: Angie I. Angus, 35, Peshtigo, and Samuel L. Guilette, 37, Green Bay.
¦ Timothy J. Corrigan, 43, Crivitz, $924.50, eight months license revoked and eight months ignition interlock device, alcohol assessment, driving while intoxicated.
¦ Tyler C. Godfrey, 20, Norway, Mich., $389.50, failure of driver to notify police of accident.
¦ Raymond M. Lipovac, 87, Crivitz, $225.70, speeding.
¦ $213.10 each: Paul Azar, 54, Maitland, Fla., speeding; Noah C. Barribeau, 37, Goodman, driving too fast for conditions, and Charles W. Ferm, 17, N1988 Deer Path Drive, Marinette, driving too fast for conditions. 
¦ Maxwell T. Bartman, 24, Kaukauna, Wis., $200.50, driving a vehicle without insurance.
¦ $200.50 each, driving without a valid license: Kyle J. Chmela, 21, Peshtigo; Tavares E. Hester, 39, Milwaukee; Wendella T. Y. Joyner, 22, 3415 Cleveland Ave., No. 13, Marinette, and Anthony J. Kluth, 33, 1102 17th Ave., Menominee.
¦ $200.50 each: Aaron L. Ehlert, 18, Peshtigo, vehicle following too closely, and Justin B. Fetzer, 30, Milwaukee, speeding.
¦ $200.50 each:  Elly M. Gamelin, 26, 1627 Garfield Ave., Marinette, and Jolyne M. Guns, 36, Crivitz, driving while license suspended, and Michael N. Liegeois, 22, Oconto, driving without valid license.
¦ $175.30 each, failure to register vehicle: Robert T. Bieber, 20, Amberg; Brandon J. Hanson, 31, Crivitz, and Jason A. Hartman, 31, 1503 7th St., Marinette.
¦ $175.30 each, speeding: Andrew J. Carr, 24, Bluff, Ill.; Laurie A. Caruso, 55, Iron Mountain, Mich.; Wayne Fontanazza, 62, Butler, NJ; Leah M. Harding, 36, Glen Ellyn, Ill.; Matthew M. Johnson, 17, Dunbar, and David J. Krook, 39, Ishpeming, Mich.
¦ $175.30 each: Miles J. P. Kremsreiter, 17, Crivitz, excessive tinting, and Jacqueline L. Lamoureux, 53, Crystal Falls, Mich., failure to stop at stop sign.