¦ Casey J. Heidtman, 22, 1503 Mary St., Marinette, 90 days jail, three years probation, 18 months prison and two years extended supervision stayed, obtain or maintain full-time employment, obtain two-year degree from NWTC, absolute sobriety to include no alcohol or drugs without a valid prescription and without prior approval by agent, no contact with known drugs users, make five presentations per year to schools about the evils of marijuana, assessments, counseling and follow through treatment as determined by agent, submit to random drug tests at least once per month, possession with the intent to sell THC and theft of movable property less than or equal to 2,500 grams. Charges of resisting or obstructing an officer, possession of drug paraphernalia and two counts of criminal damage to property were dismissed but read in.
¦ Danielle K. Walters, 24, Oconto, eight months jail, three years probation, three years prison and three years extended supervision stayed, obtain or maintain full-time employment, obtain GED during probation, absolute sobriety to include no drugs or alcohol, no use or possession of any drugs without prior approval of agent, no contact with known drug users except in a treatment setting, possession with intent to deliver non-narcotics.

¦ Joseph P. Pokladowski Jr., 40, Bark River Mich., $525, 13 days jail for failure to pay on time, not enter Jack’s Fresh Market for six months, retail fraud-third degree.
¦ Brittany L. DeGayner, 29, 1461 Newberry Ave. Marinette, $350, 36 days jail, failure to report forthwith and driving under the influence of drugs.
¦ Jeremy A. Gromoski, 40, 1007 Blaine St., Marinette, $275, drive with an invalid license.
¦ Michael T. Hewitt, 33, 2116 11th Ave., Menominee, $125, 30 days jail, probation for three months, retail fraud-third degree.
¦ Jason D. Fisk, 42, 1504 15th Ave. Menominee, $125, eight days jail, license suspended for 30 days with 150 days restrictions, use of marijuana.

¦ Derek D. Hockin, 22, N3657 M-35, Menominee, $552, PWC without safety certification.
¦ Dakota J.A Johnson, 22, 1807 12th St. Menominee, $355, no driver’s license.
¦ Curtis R. Hart, 48, Barrington, Ill, $240, speeding.
¦ Kelly M. Marcoe, 38, Stephenson, $165, no proof of registration.