Dale J. Joslin, 77, Wausaukee, $1,106.60 total, hunt wild animals with bait, hunting without a license and two counts transporting loaded firearm in vehicle.
Johnathan L. Block, 42, Coleman, $809.40 total, shining wild animals and hunting without a license.
Gerald P. Nowakowski, 78, 609 Hosmer St., Marinette, $785.25, possession of fish at 75 percent or more over bag limit.
Russell H. Walters, 78, 222 VanCleve, Marinette, $675.75, possession of fish at 75 percent or more over bag limit.
Daniel Estrada, 24, Green Bay, $604, hunting/trapping without a valid carcass tag in possession.
Jaime E. Chandler, 29, 1202 Oaks St., Marinette, $355.80, hunt game in closed season.
$343.50 each, hunt wild animals with bait: Joshua J. Anderson, 31, W2034 Nettleton Road, Marinette;
George K. Dumken, 79, Porterfield, $303.30, hunting game in closed season.
James J. Uberti, 54, 1413 6th Ave., Menominee, $295, failure to carry floatation devices.
Wayne G. Tappa, 70, N4194 Hwy 180, Marinette, $252.15, hunting without a license.
Joseph R. Szymanski, 32, Pound, $243, jointly possessing more than one firearm/bow under hunting mentorship program.
$232 each: John R. Benoit, 36, Lena, driving a boat without lights; David A. Burhans, 39, Appleton, Wis., failure to display ATV lighted lamp; Matthew B. Olson, 31, New Franken, Wis., illegally driving an ATV in vicinity of highway.
$222.90 each: Bradley M. Romenesko, 58, Peshtigo, hunting with improper license; Justin E. Walters, 19, Crivitz, shining wild animals and Mark A. Shepherd, 49, Waldo, Wis., hunting deer in unauthorized quota area.
Jonathon C. Brault, 32, Peshtigo, $217.90, transport bow/firearm/crossbow in a boat.
$206.70 each, fishing without a license: Ray Garza, 24, Harlingen, Texas and Tara M. Hart, 31, Hiram, Ga.
Dalton W. Watson, 18, Porterfield, $189.70, hunting waterfowl without a state stamp.
Audy A. Maye, 57, Pembine, $175.30, burning without a permit.
$162.70 each: Scott D. Durian, 53, Amberg, Wis., driving an ATV without registration plate attached and Dustin C. Johnson, 34, Porterfield, driving an ATV without required headgear.
Jacob P. Anderson, 32, W4716 Apple Lane, Marinette, $162.60, hunting without required color clothing.
Dacota D. Sleeter, 25, Appleton, Wis., $138.76, failure to show proof of ATV registration.