Timothy J. Norris, 27, homeless, 18 months prison and 18 months extended supervision, $303, sex offender registry violation. Second count of same charge dismissed.
Kyle W. Newman, 28, Crivitz, $705, driving while revoked.
Steven T. Uecke, 23, 1447 Parnell St., Marinette, $326.50, fail to yield for emergency vehicle.
Krista J. Frenzel, 26, 2430 Mary St., Marinettte, $267.50, driving without valid license-first offense.
Jeffrey J. Fluette, 45, W4955 Linsmeier Road, Menominee, $1,345, nine months probation, driving with blood-alcohol concentration of .17 or more.
Patrick M. Johnson, 51, Stephenson, 14 days jail, $1,310, one year probation, driving while visibly impaired.
Heather M. Witt, 25, N2575 M-35, Menominee, 16 days jail, $1,220, nine months probation, driving while intoxicated.
Todd A. Ihander, 36, 1012 12th Ave., Menominee, 45 days jail, $795, nine months probatioin, contributing to deliquency of minor.
James R. Skogman, 22, 1205 11th Ave., Menominee,  60 days jail, $450, malicious destruction of building and malicious destruction of personal property.
Andrew R. Maynard, 29, Escanaba, Mich., three days jail, $485, possession of switchblade.
Olivia D. Walters, 20, 913 15th Ave., Menominee, $375, alcohol purchase, consumption, possession by minor.
Jesse A. Konen, 32, 1362 Merryman St., Marinette, $312, no proof of insurance.
No proof of insurance and expired registration; Tony J. Trenton, 42, 1013 Carney Blvd., Marinette, $290; Bradley J. Popelka, 38, 2501 14th Ave., Menominee, $280.
Fail to pay booking fee: Anthony L. Eagle, 31, L’anse, Mich., $282; Daniel B. Ryan, 61, 2010 16th St., Menominee, $160.
Expired registration: Joseph G. Twarogowski, 56, Escanaba, Mich., $264; Keith A. Crowley, 62, De Pere, Wis., $150; Todd A. Trudeau, 51, 1617 16th Ave., Menominee, $150 each.
Vandenberg Transportation, Kaukauna, Wis., $250, fuel tax act violation.
Teresa J. Carpenter, 53, 67 W. Russell St., Marinette, $228, defective equipment.
$140 each: Michael F. Elson, 38, Wallace, and Alyssa L. Eland, 17, W7140 No. 3.5 Road, Menominee, both violation of basic speed law; Emily P. Bell, 18, Wallace, disobey traffic signal; Tyler R. Leaveck, 20, 3905 13th St., Menominee, driving left of center; Denny J. Pionttek, 65, McMillan, Mich., illegal lane use; Betsy E. Roetzer, 2817 Shore Drive, Marinette. improper lane use.
No proof of insurance, $140 each: Eric M. Fayta, 31, 2412 13th Ave., Menominee; Joe L. Robles III, 58, Oconto; Kristin A. Raygo, 44, 810 Parnell St., Marinette; Kaine T. Milburn, 59, Wallace; Porter W. Way, 35, Potosi, Wis.; Richard P. Konkel, 29, 919 7th Ave., Menominee; Abigail M. Miller, 22, 908 Shingwauk Drive, Marinette.
Speeding, $130 each: Luz I. Perez, 46, Escanaba, Mich.; Candice R. Thiry, 32, Carney; Matthew W. Hughes, 18, Fox River Grove, Ill.: James E. Brown, 26, Alpena, Mich.  
Speeding, $120 each: Brock D. Jersey, 18, W6511 No. 1.75 Lane, Menominee; Anthony J. Gromala, 23, 924 Barbara Lane, Marinette; Christopher P. Brisiente, 43, Green Bay; Thomas C. Bohn, 63, Seymour, Wis.; Thomas J. Vandeavond, 24, De Pere, Wis.; Lee J. Bunting, 35, Chicago; Timothy J. Novotny, 59, New Berlin, Wis.; Jonathan D. Wells, 21, Neenah, Wis.; Brendan T. Thomas, 20, Greenville, Wis.; Arpin J. Murray, 37, Marquette, Mich.; Katherine A. Dellameter, 19, Green Bay; Josiah M. Brown, 24, 915 Elizabeth Ave., Marinette; Lori A. Jones-Koshal, 50, Green Bay; Alley J. Berg, 20, Rapid River, Mich.; Michael E. Kropp, 32, 531 1st St., Menominee.
n Roger J. Haas, 44, W1413 Highway 64, Marinette, $120, defective equipment.